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Thermo Cool Active Scarf Multifunctional Headwear
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ThermoCool Active Scarf logo THERMOCOOL is a multi-functional and ecological solution born from ADVANSA's technology experience with modified cross-section fibres. This unique blend of fibres provides benefits beyond what can be expected by just one type of fibre in a single yarn.


New Technology Answering Consumers Expectations
THERMOCOOL is designed to optimize the body's natural thermoregulation capabilities through smart fibre cross-sections. Duoregulation fibre technology provides evaporative cooling or thermo-buffering according to the wearer's needs.

How does Thermo Cool Work?
THERMOCOOL yarn with DuoregulationTM is designed to keep you in your Comfort Zone across different temperature changes and activity levels. The fabric interacts with the body by balancing temperature changes, helping to conserve energy levels and improve wellness.

ThermoCool Active Scarf Hot image

Feeling too HOT

THERMOCOOL fiber rapidly evaporates moisture thanks to its unique fibre mix. The fibres are designed to provide added evaporative surface, outstanding moisture transport and allow enhanced air circulation focussing energy on the evaporation process.

ThermoCool Active Scarf Cool Image

Feeling too COLD

The fibre combination in the fabric provides a light weight material with thermo-buffering properties: designed to protect the user from temperature changes. This also helps to prevent post exercise chill and still allow excess heat to dissipate into the air.

THERMOCOOL fibre provides Duoregulationdesigned to keep wearers in their Comfort Zone across different temperature changes and activity levels

THERMOCOOL fibre helps you to be warm when you feel cold and cool when you feel hot. Duoregulationmeans improving wellness in order to allow you to focus on your performance.

Ultra Violet Protection Factor

ThermoCool Active Scarf UPF ratings chart

The special cross section of the individual fibres used in THERMOCOOL fibre results in better UV protection than fabrics made with standard round cross section fibres.

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