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Spinfire Flame Stringing Machine
Drop weight


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The Spinfire Flame is the latest stringing machine to be released on the market. Instead of creating a machine that they thought customers wanted, they found out first what customers wanted and then built the perfect machine.

To start with it has a linear string gripper which is the preferred gripping method of professional stringers. The tool tray is large enough to fit all your tools and the tools are included. 

You have the option of stringing in either kilograms or pounds (this is very rare in drop weight machines). The ratchet system on the pulling mechanism allows for adjustments which will save you time. The 6 points of support for mounting the racquet leave the frame tightly supported, avoiding warping or damage.

This machine is capable of stringing tennis, squash and badminton racquets, although it only comes with tennis clamps, so you need to either swap them for badminton/squash clamps (free) or purchase badminton/squash clamps as well (extra $100 while buying the machine).  

Overall a simply perfect drop weight machine with solid construction and a cool design. What more could you ask for?


  • Strings any racquet; tennis, squash & badminton
  • Sturdy construction lightweight drop-weight portable
  • 6-point external mounting system for secure racquet mounting
  • Individually micro-adjustable side support arms
  • Universal side supports accommodate all types of frames
  • Full 360° turntable rotation
  • Two high quality 360° dual action swivel clamps\
  • Tools included
  • 2 year warranty.
*Please note this item is not available for purchase outside Australia.
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