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Miracle Scarf Testimonials

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In September 2006 I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer which required Chemotherapy. I was fortunate enough to receive a gift of some ‘Matt Headwear’ which I wore everyday during my treatment. I didn’t want to wear a wig and did not like some of the other alternatives available as I was under 40 when diagnosed, so the ‘Matt Headwear’ was the perfect fi t for me. Not only was it soft and comfortable but due to the seamless design I was as able to wear it under hats and caps without any discomfort.

Although I received my treatment over the summer months the Matt Headwear was great in the warmer weather and it wasn’t itchy….which was really important.

I would recommend the ‘Matt Headwear’ for anyone who is undergoing Chemotherapy, especially due to their comfort and practicality. They are also multifunctional and you can tailor your ‘Matt Headwear’ to suit your own personality.

Kind Regards
Jennifer Harmer

Thank you so much for that. I received my miracle scarf today, and it’s fantastic. I love it and will buy another. I purchased to wear under my motorcycle helmet, and it does the job perfectly. I’ve tried a couple of different ways of using it, and it’s exactly what I wanted.

Just brilliant!!

Great Price, Excellent Service.

Kind Regards
Di Singleton

Thankyou for the very prompt answer to my question. The links are very useful.
The Miracle Scarf is a most versatile product and I find it useful in both cooler and warmer days. In addition I wear communication earpieces in my helmet and by necessity, these are close to the ear making putting the helmet on a little diffi cult. The Miracle Scarf makes putting the helmet on and taking off much easier and more comfortable. There is no chafing or bending of the ears.

I have preciously been using a home made “skull cap” type arrangement.

This is used to keep the helmet liner cleaner reducing the need for frequent removal of the liner for washing. The Miracle Scarf does both - helmet liner and neck warmer. As it is not bulky it does not interfere with helmet fi t or fi t of the motorcycle jacket at the neck.
It is also easy to wash frequently and dries very quickly.
My friend and I, who both purchased these scarfs at the Gold Coast Motorcycle Expo are very pleased with the product.

Thankyou again for the information. I can pass the info to others who have asked me about the scarf (fortunately your Jadee Sports sticker with web address was on the plastic holder which I kept.)

Malcolm Cremer

I received this order yesteday and must say that I am terribly impressed with the speed of the transaction. And on top of that what
I have receive is and does exactly what is claims - am loving my miracle scarf...stops my nose from running and my ears from hurting while out running in the very early morning cold. thank you for your prompt business.

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